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Dr. Deborah Nedelman, Sarton Women's Book Award
Dr. Deborah Nedelman, Kirkus Review, Best Books 2019
Dr. Deborah Nedelman, AWA Seal

Join me on a Creative Journey

I Welcome! The challenge of the last few years has lead me in new creative directions. I invite you to join me in writing and even painting our way through this new landscape.

The Magic of Writing

I continue to believe that stories have the power to connect us and to help us grow. In my first career as a clinical psychologist, I embraced stories as tools for healing. As a writer of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, I strive to create stories that tell emotional truths. As an Amherst Writers and Artists affiliate, I love fostering the magic of writing together. In my writing groups or working with me as your coach, you will find a safe and supportive space where you can take risks, find your voice, and tell the stories only you can tell. 

Dr. Deborah Nedelman
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Here you’ll find links to my Books and Short Stories.


Readers of What We Take for Truth will also enjoy Resources for Book Clubs.

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Do you wish you had a skilled and empathetic guide in your corner to support you as you write? 

I coach writers of all levels to achieve their goals. 

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