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Working Together

You have stories inside you


They are yours to tell, but getting them down on paper can be an intimidating prospect. Working one-on-one with Deborah as your coach can give you the support and guidance you need to write your stories. 


Perhaps you have never thought of yourself as a writer, but you’re curious about the process. You may have begun a piece of writing only to find yourself stuck, blocked by your internal critic, or simply out of creative ideas. Maybe you want to establish a writing practice or need support as you work your way to writing about your life. Whether you want to write in order to learn more about yourself, to leave a legacy of family stories for the next generation, or to create a publishable manuscript, Deborah can help. 


With informed and creative support, Deborah will guide you as you take your idea from concept to reality. Her training as a psychologist gives her tools to work with authors on a variety of projects. She can help you find your voice and write what only you can.

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