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"Evie… studied their feet, how lightly they shifted and how they torqued their bodies, calculating their opponent’s weakness."

 Finalist, Adelaide Literary Award Short Story Contest, 2018

"The delicious combination of wanting (in the red-blooded American way) and the tingle of jeopardy made her high.”

"At four he is an earnest collector."

"...caused by our need to cancel your flight and route you through Detroit, the one city in the world you vowed you’d never visit again…"

"The air – polluted with intoxicating sweetness, deep breaths not recommended, mirages abound."

"She got the call from the crematorium. They must have said something like 'his ashes are here, come and pick them up.'"

Winner, Writers Type Short Story Contest, 2012

"Original cost: $6800. Asking $1500. Because this is genuine couture, it isn’t possible to give a size in the ordinary sense…"

"They lived in the woods for months at a time - no cell phones, internet and the closest general delivery twenty-five miles from their campsite. “

Contemporary World Literature, 2011

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