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  • Deborah

Finding Our Feet

I stood in the shower this morning feeling, along with gratitude for warm water, an appreciation for my feet. I haven’t always had the most positive relationship with my feet, to be honest. I haven’t always been good to them; I’ve taken them for granted. They’ve repaid me with loyalty and resilience along with blisters, bunions, cramps, and testy arches. My feet have their issues, which of course are my issues, but they do the job and keep me standing, balanced on the earth and even on the slippery floor of the shower. As the world shuts its doors, and we huddle in place waiting, like the Israelites in Egypt, for the angel of death to pass over our houses, finding balance may be more important than ever. Right now, we are challenged to balance our awareness of the realities of the current threat with moments of internal quiet and calm, to balance our concern for others with self-care, to balance visualizing the future with attention to the present. As I stood in the shower, I realized how important it is to find our feet in this roiling world, and how grateful I am for every lesson my feet have taught me over the years about balance and endurance.

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