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  • Deborah

Oh, Those Unfinished Projects

This morning to continue my gratitude focus on the mundane, I’m finally finding some gratitude for my pile of unfinished projects. Being Jewish, my default emotion tends toward guilt (I do know I’m not alone in this, my dear Catholic friends), so normally, whenever I would pass by that closet where I stuff the bags of yarn and fabric, or when, in a frantic search for scissors or packing tape I rummage through the drawer where the collage materials live, or even when I open a kitchen cupboard and have to pull 10 things out to find the one ingredient I need, I kick myself for not getting around to all those projects I had great plans for. But right now, in the midst of this upside-down world, where suddenly not going out, not interacting, and not turning to the next new thing have become the way to be, I am grateful for all these abandoned projects. I’m not going to be bored, folks. I still have to finish that baby blanket for my 37-year-old daughter!

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