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  • Deborah

The Perfect Cup

Before you've fully awakened and you stumble into the kitchen—maybe like me you're greeted by a waggling dog who simply must have his morning pet before you can move one step more or

a sweet stretching kitty who wraps her tail around you to say good morning—maybe you're a tea drinker or even a hot water with lemon person; maybe you wake before dawn or after the sun is high. No matter our individual styles, I wonder if we don't share this—do you find a tiny bit of comfort in spying your favorite cup? Maybe it's the one that fits your cool hands just so, or the one with quotes from your favorite poet or even Shakespeare stenciled around it, or the one your son made in 9th grade pottery class. You know the one. For me it's about the shape: my favorite cup curves with the perfect ideal of grace so that my hands form their own chalice of warmth when they wrap around it, the outside surface is matte black and the inside, like a glorious surprise, is glossy brilliant red. This hasn't always been my favorite cup, of course. I could trace the course of my life by telling the stories of each of my favorite cups over the years. But this is mine today and I am so grateful for the constancy and reliability with which it holds just what I need.

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